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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Availability is as up to date as possible......

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Sunlight In An Empty Blue Room

Light Through 2 Windows - 9x7 - SOLD

See the painting above created step-by-step
Crimson Arches - 18x30 - SOLD

City Through 17th Story Windows - 8x10 - SOLD

Light Through Side Window -18x24 - SOLD

Welcoming In Spring - 10x18 - SOLD

The Price 12x12

Landscape At Dusk

The Crest - 24x36 - Still Available

Lenny - 18x36 - SOLD

Moonlighting As Musicians - 36x48 - SOLD

See the painting above created step-by-step
Xavier - 36x48 - SOLD

City Through 11th Story Window - 16x20 - SOLD

Rail Mill - 36x36- Still Available

View of a Roof Across the Street - 20x24 - SOLD

The Machinist - 9x12 - SOLD

Wall Of Roses - 16x20 - SOLD

Favelas I - 16x20 - Still Available

Favelas II - 6x9 - Still Available

Favelas III - 20x28 - Still Available

Light Throught the Top of Arched Window - 12x12 - SOLD

Lamp and Chair by Window - 5x7 - SOLD

Chair by Door - 5x7 - SOLD

Light Through Side Window Study - 5x5 - SOLD

All Work © Randy Webb 2004-2008


catherine YF said...

Besides moonlighting as musicians, favelas I is my favorite.

not so BIG ruh said...

Yeah, Moonlighting as Musicians, is my personal favorite also. It looks especially good above my fireplace.

Catherine~Yetive said...

ah-hem. I bought two of the favelas pieces, thankyouverymuch. and they will be dorm art in the fall. be proud. =]

i miss the updates.